ServiceNow Cloud Management: Accelerating and Strengthening Cloud Development and Operations

The Promise of the Cloud—Delivered Simply and Securely
Accelerating and strengthening cloud development and operations

Unparalleled agility, superior speed, streamlined business services—the promise of the cloud is catnip to organizations ready to deliver stellar IT applications and services. But with great flexibility comes the need for effective governance, and the need for speed can come into conflict with the need for compliance and security.

So, how do organizations reap the benefits of the cloud while maintaining control?

Find out in this new white paper, Accelerating and Strengthening Cloud Development and Operations. It digs deep into the complexities of public and private cloud management, demonstrating how to:

  • Deliver a unified operational model to remove complexity from “hybrid” cloud environment management
  • Create a single system of record for your public and private cloud infrastructure and the business services that use this infrastructure
  • Give development teams self?service capabilities that enhance agility within a secure, structured environment

Other topics covered include managing cloud costs, configuration management, on?demand cloud infrastructure services, infrastructure as code, event mapping, and more. Download this wealth of information today!