A User-Centric Approach to Integrated Identity and Mobility Management


Part of a strong foundation for cloud-first, mobile-first IT includes supporting BYOD. BYOD can improve end user satisfaction and enable employees to work anywhere from any device. To really get these benefits though, the end-user experience must provide seamless access to the applications end-users want and need. Accomplishing this starts with extending app provisioning to mobile devices, and automatically deprovisioning mobile access as part of the identity lifecycle. For the best user experience, you’ll want automatic configuration of native mobile applications with mobile SSO, security settings and app settings like usernames, URLs and tenant IDs.

Provisioning devices to users should be simply an extension of the foundational identity lifecycle management system. And, mobility management should enable IT teams to implement simple policies to enable and secure access from mobile.

This eGuide provides an overview of how Okta can power BYOD programs with integrated identity and mobility management, delivering the experience users demand with the security and control IT needs on any device.

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