Case Study: Using Predictive Analytics To Help Students Succeed

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In this case study, Dell EDM helped Denton ISDs students achieve success by using predictive analytics along with Dell ProSupport Mission Critical for expert assistance and same day service.   Sponsored by   Dell’s Privacy Statement TechPRO’s Privacy Statement    

Dell: Unleashing Innovation

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Learn how healthcare processes and technologies are unleashing innovations and helping transform the delivery and quality of health services while improving efficiency and outcomes for caregivers and clients. With a digital foundation in place, state-of-the-art services and collaboration tools enable expanding the potential of patient engagement and help healthcare professionals use their wealth of data

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Dell: Unlocking Information

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Unlocking Information: Digital data is a hospital’s most valuable resource. For centuries, medical information has been stored on paper, stuffed into filing cabinets, and stacked in basements around the world. And to this day, much of these hand-written charts sit, collecting dust, more legal liability than clinical asset. The digital age brings with the the

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Dell: Empowering Caregivers

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Today’s technological momentum is good news for healthcare, and it holds the promise of real change for an industry that desperately needs it. But it’s also important to remember that while technology can be a powerful catalyst, it is merely a tool. And technology’s potential benefits will only be fully realized if it is used

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Time Is Money: Customers Use Dell ProSupport(TM) To Save Time

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In both good and bad economic times, IT managers have one common concern: How to do more with less. IT managers are faced with the ever-increasing and complex role of IT in day-to-day operations, while budgets are tightening and IT staffs are shrinking. Given these critical challenges, many IT managers rely on partners such as

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Streamlining PC Life-Cycle Management

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Rigorous management of the PC life cycle is essential for diverse, distributed workforces. Dell offers a comprehensive mix of configuration, installation, ongoing support, and IT asset disposition services for efficiently managing end-user systems. Dell ProSupport helps organizations enhance productivity cost-effectively while avoiding potential IT difficulties later on. Download this technical report offering a study of

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Dell ProSupport With Multivendor Capabilities

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With Dell ProSupport with multivendor capabilities, you can conquer IT complexity, helping you save time and helping you realize the full power and the value of your technology investment. Dell can help you take the next step so you can realize your growth potential. Consolidate, coordinate, and streamline your IT support with a simplified, single

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Comparing VMware Zimbra With Leading Email And Collaboration Platforms


This paper explains how VMWare Zimbra® delivers more value to small and mid-sized businesses than competing email/collaboration solutions, including greater user productivity, efficiency and agility.

From Geek To Manager: Five Tips To Help Geeks Transition Into Management

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Transitioning from geek to manager is kind of like traveling abroad. You need to adapt to new cultures and find ways to communicate with people who speak different languages. Fortunately, there’s a roadmap. “Letting go of preconceptions is a good place to start in the transition from geek to manager.” This brief by Paul Glen,

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ESG – Optimizing Collaboration Environments For Maximum Productivity

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Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful collaboration tool proliferating throughout enterprises. Download this white paper to learn about the challenges of optimizing a web-based SharePoint environment and how to address all the requirements across the application and technology stack to deliver the best return on investment and productivity for the business.

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