Deep Security Solutions for Web Applications in Higher Education

With the majority of higher education students, personnel, and researchers in remote locations, web applications are now the easiest way to allow access to university systems. But with the increasing use of such apps, attack surfaces are expanding. A recent study found that ransomware attacks in education services is up 32% year over year.

The good news is the right web application firewall (WAF) can provide robust protection for any application coming from any department.

Learn how FortiWeb Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS) identifies and blocks threats, including the OWASP Top Ten; provides API protection; and leverages machine learning to detect malicious anomalies. This easy-to-use tool allows schools to scale rapidly and enable secure access to information and learning.

Download the eBook to learn how to:
• Enable rapid application development for institutions
• Address the security needs of different user groups, including students, faculty and staff, and research teams
• Manage API interactions and protect against API abuses by validating inputs and managing keys