Enhance Organizational Agility with Generative AI

The rapid global adoption of generative AI creates a pressing need for organizational agility. Business leaders will need to play a crucial role in helping organizations build agility by implementing programs to support change and take advantage of growth opportunities.

To support organizations in these fast-changing times, we continue to enhance the Coursera platform—delivering innovations, insights, and tools that will enable you to achieve your learning objectives and power your business forward.

In the on-demand session “Enhance Organizational Agility with Generative AI,” you will hear practical learnings and insights from our special guest, Tim Robbins (Engineering Leader, Walmart), who leveraged Coursera to achieve successful business outcomes in employee upskilling and retention at Walmart.

Webinar highlights:
• Learn how Walmart Engineering drives learning engagement and has scaled impact and achieved leadership buy-in with Coursera
• Insights into Coursera for Business’s Enterprise product vision
• Special preview of Coursera’s AI-powered innovations
• Updates on the latest and upcoming tech and business content and skill credentials