Instant Gratification – Satisfy the New Consumer With Engaged, Omnipresent Agents 

Attend this webinar to learn how combining a cloud contact center with cloud UCaaS transforms CX. You will discover how to extend contact center capabilities to any employee in your organization, and enable direct relationships between customers and your agents—including people with specialized roles outside the contact center. The internet, mobile devices and the availability of information anywhere (“nearly perfect information”) has made today’s customers accustomed to instant gratification. They resent having to repeat their problem or request to several different agents. They also prefer to deal with someone who has the specialized skills and knowhow that helps to quickly resolve issues or meet their needs. Delivering a frustrating experience to this new customer is not an option. In fact, according to research by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), 89 percent of customers will leave to a competitor after a negative customer contact experience. Now RingCentral provides the critical synchronizations between previously disparate contact center and UCaaS systems.

Among several advantages, this coordination allows you to:
• Extend full contact center capabilities—such as CRM integrations—to any employee or group.
• Extend full UCaaS features—such as the ability for a call to find an employee on any device—to these new omnipresent agents.
• Have visibility into typical contact center performance metrics—e.g., average call time—for agents serving customers over direct dial extensions.
• Leverage the benefits of a robust global UCaaS network.
• Enable direct relationships between customers and agents, including employees working outside the contact center who have specialized skills.