VDC Research: The Mobile Opportunity to Use Information and Technology to Optimize Care Delivery Processes


Categories: Mobile, White Papers

In this case study, we will explore the impact potential modern mobile platforms are beginning to have in facilitating patient involvement in the care process, as well as enabling experiences in the healthcare industry that were previously inconceivable, such as:
• Transforming day-to-day workflows by gaining access to patient information with device-independent deployments featuring anywhere/anytime access
• Facilitating communications and collaborations – web portals, and mobile apps as they play a major role in helping patients gain access to their protected health information (PHI) and in communicating with their caregivers

The paper is broken down into five categories below that outline how the healthcare industry is embracing change as the opportunity for interoperable, portable and comprehensive information sharing is blossoming through mobile enablement – ultimately having a meaningful impact in driving patient care decisions
• How to meet the security, privacy and compliance challenge
• Path to digital caregiving
• Healthcare IT infrastructure
• The opportunity to improve engagement and safety
• The 24/7 App Opportunity

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