No Jitter – Up Your Collaboration Game in the Age of Digital Transformation

The modern workplace has undergone significant change, and traditional ways of communicating and getting work done are no longer effective. These days, working smarter and more effectively is the difference between business wins and losses.

Organizations that do not transform, innovate, and invest in new technologies will get left behind. And C-level executives recognize this reality, too, with two-thirds of CEOs recently surveyed by IDC indicating that digital transformation will be core to their corporate strategies by 2017. Cloud technology is at the heart of digital transformation, allowing businesses to better engage with customers, more seamlessly share and collaborate, more quickly access data to make informed and timely decisions, and integrate platforms together to improve business processes.

This webinar will explore the role of workstream communications and collaboration (WCC) in the age of digital transformation. You’ll get answers to top questions, including:
• What is digital transformation and why is it so important?
• What impact will digital transformation have on a business and how it engages customers?
• What is “workstream communication and collaboration,” and how does it fit into digital transformation? How will it evolve workplace productivity?
• Why is cloud migration driving digital transformation, and what opportunities does this present for integrating business applications?
• How will workplace culture, productivity, and the way work gets done be impacted by digitization and these WCC tools?