The Total Economic Impact™ Of VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Security & IT teams today are constantly dealing with overly complex and siloed toolsets that can’t keep up with the pace of modern attacks and don’t provide the necessary context during investigations into root cause. Rather than helping to advance their security program, these antiquated tools often hold teams back from efficiently supporting their organization’s operational goals.

According to a recent commissioned Forrester study conducted on behalf of VMware, organizations who replace traditional endpoint security with the VMware Carbon Black Cloud can realize significant business benefits and cost savings. Forrester Consulting conducted interviews and surveys of Carbon Black Cloud customers who moved from traditional endpoint security products.

Benefits from deploying our cloud-native endpoint protection platform included:

• Faster investigations and remediations
• Less frequent reimaging
• Cost savings from simplified operations
• Decreased risk of a data breach
• Download the study to learn how switching to the VMware Carbon Black Cloud can benefit your organization and lead to a 379% return on investment over 3 years.

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