Addressing the Threat Within: Rethinking Network Security Deployment WP


Categories: Security, White Papers

The changing cyber security threat conditions are driving a need for a fundamental shift in the trust model for security. As organizations accept the inevitability of network breaches, their focus is shifting to security architectures for detecting malware and threats within the organization, and responding to mitigate risk. Doing this requires far deeper insight and far greater coverage across the infrastructure than traditionally feasible and consequently a new model for deploying security solutions. This model must address pervasive reach to the network, exploding traffic volumes and contention for the traffic by multiple tools. A structured and architectural approach to pervasive network visibility gives security solutions access while enabling them to scale cost effectively. The benefits of increased security and cost effectiveness are making the Security Delivery Platform consequently a foundational building block to deploying security solutions. GigaSECURE is a Security Delivery Platform from Gigamon, an industry first combination of compute, as well as packet filtering capabilities that is the way forward for security services delivery in networks being equipped to detect and respond.

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