AIOps Automation: Real-World Challenges and Rewards

Automation is a survival tactic—but there’s nothing automatic about it. Though automation is the answer to so many of IT’s most pressing challenges, it requires changes to the triad of people, processes, and technology. Because of all the operational domains automation touches, many enterprises run into barriers when it comes to its broad adoption.

Automation, high-quality IT service, and DevOps effectiveness all share a common set of challenges that include the following and more:
• Data accuracy and accessibility
• The need for end-to-end observability in real time
• Cross-function workflows and processes

The answer to these problems is AIOps. EMA reports in our white paper that over 90% of organizations already have strategic AIOps initiatives underway. For these enterprises, the real-time, end-to-end visibility made possible by AIOps is an operational necessity.

Download our EMA white paper for deeper insights into AIOps implementation trends gleaned from a survey of 406 IT professionals in North America, EMEA, and APAC—and discover how AIOps automation frees IT talent to invest time and effort into initiatives that are rewarding on both personal and corporate levels.