BigPanda Empowers IT Ops and Prevents Outages

Turn data into insights and action with Event Correlation and Automation, powered by AIOps

As IT Operations teams modernize their incident management processes, they ask themselves:
• What if we could apply machine learning to make sense of our alert data?
• What if we could automate tasks we do manually today?
• What if we could cut down the complexity of an outage, from detection to resolution?
• What if we could reduce MTTR by 50% or more?
• What if we could avoid outages altogether?

In our just-released collection of customer case studies, you will see how BigPanda helped each company turn their “what-if” into a reality.

Discover why Fortune 1000 companies trust BigPanda to help their IT Ops teams significantly improve their Event Correlation and Automation.

Sometimes, BigPanda is brought in to centralize monitoring alerts, produce intent insights and reduce the friction in a complex IT Ops environment. Other times, BigPanda is the catalyst for a larger shift taking place in the organization. In all cases, BigPanda delivers immediate and game-changing benefits.

In this collection of case studies, you can learn about each customer’s pain point, why they chose to work with BigPanda and what outcomes were achieved.

The results speak for themselves.

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