Content Mobility, Performance, and Security Improve Operations

According to Vimal Thomas, Vice President, Information Technology, there were two issues that made YCA want to consider an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution. The artist services group (YAS) was relying on a homegrown solution to share and collaborate. Users would store data on external hard drives and ship them around the country or physically carry them. The contents of the drives would be manually catalogued and managed by users.

Collaboration was also important for Thomas and YCA. The company did not have an effective way to share with outside partners. Not only did Thomas want Yamaha employees to have ease of access, he wanted a solution that would allow the organization to share files with external business partners in a secure and convenient way.

• Saved time and resources by establishing a reliable, cost-effective content versioning system.
• IT can create and enforce policies that support compliance and IP protection.
• Users can view, edit, and share files with external parties, directly from mobile devices. Collaboration is seamless across multiple locations.