Gartner has released the 2021 Market Guide for AIOps Platforms

This report will be of value to Infrastructure and Operations teams evaluating how AIOps can improve monitoring, service management and automation tasks with AI-powered anomaly detection, diagnostic information, event correlation, and root cause analysis (RCA).

One of the biggest takeaways in this report is the division of AIOps platform offerings into two categories:

• Domain-agnostic
• Domain-centric solutions

Gartner says that “requirements for increased flexibility for processing highly diverse datasets are having a significant impact on the market and shifting AIOps platforms toward domain-agnostic functionality.” This is also being driven by the flexibility domain-agnostic platforms offer when it comes to ingesting increasingly diverse datasets across a progressive roadmap stretching from three to five years.

Read this report to learn:

• How AIOps can now deliver practical outcomes, rather than aspirational goals
• Whether to adopt domain-centric and domain-agnostic AIOps based on use case, data diversity and roadmap
• The different AIOps platform vendors and their range of capabilities
• With that information as a backdrop, give BigPanda the opportunity to support your AIOps strategy.

BigPanda is the only domain-agnostic AIOps platform that delivers Event Correlation and Automation capabilities to accelerate your incident management lifecycle.

BigPanda works within your existing infrastructure, using BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub to ingest data from the broadest range of monitoring, observability, change and topology tools. BigPanda then applies Open Box Machine Learning to correlate and transform that data into actionable incidents. BigPanda’s Root Cause Analysis quickly helps operators identify which changes in infrastructure and applications are causing the incident.

Finally, BigPanda helps IT Ops and NOC teams automate highly manual incident triage tasks. Teams can integrate BigPanda with different collaboration tools, automate ticket creation, send relevant notifications and create war rooms with the right teams. Automatic bi-directional syncing ensures that teams on either side always have access to the latest incident information and updates. BigPanda’s Level-0 automation also connects to Runbook Automation tools to run different workflow automations.