How to secure your business with the Content Cloud

Hope is NOT a strategy: Secure your business with the Content Cloud

Seems like every week there’s news of another security breach. Ponemon Institute has found that the typical data breach costs an average of $3.9 million, and that just one breach can decrease your company’s stock price by 5%. No one wants to be that kind of typical. So what can you do about it

Well, you can start with an approach to security and compliance that’s actually built for the way you work. How to secure your business with the Content Cloud is a great overview of our approach to security, governance, and compliance. You’ll see how it’s an integral part of the Content Cloud: a single secure platform for the entire content lifecycle, from file creation to sharing and e-signature to retention. Download the ebook, and learn how to secure your most valuable content, based on our four tenets:

Zero trust infrastructure protects against threats from outside and within your organization
Zero tolerance for a bad user experience, since security shouldn’t come at the price of user satisfaction
Provide a centralized content layer in the cloud for easier management, security, and compliance
Security that travels with your content so you get Box-level security wherever your content goes