IDC: Data Security and Privacy Requires Trusted Platform Providers Committee

Finding a platform worthy of your data

Attacks on your data are getting trickier, and insider threats are on the rise.

More than half of IT security professionals experienced at least three publicly disclosed breaches in the last three years (IDC Data Security Survey, 2020). And sadly, facing an exhausting slew of false alerts, 70% of businesses run their DLP tools on passive mode.

Your people want flexibility to access files from anywhere, but that means up to 75% of your sensitive information gets spread across laptops, smartphones, and public and private clouds. In this research paper, IDC sheds light on trends in resolving the security gaps left by legacy point and on-premises security solutions.

Find out about:
Reducing risk with built-in data discovery and classification tools
Data protection benefits, including improved productivity and compliance
Security trends to follow that will keep you ahead of your competition