In-App Conversations eBook: Taking Customer Relationships to the Next Level

In-app messaging is so much more than just communication: today, it is a way of reimagining customer experiences. The new era of business-to-consumer communication is here!

Businesses that bring messaging inside the app as a delivery mechanism for use cases set a new bar for customer experiences. Companies can bridge the physical and digital divide by offering lifelike, context-rich interactions that offer a personalized – and fun! – touch.

The businesses that implement in-app messaging control the user experience, protect user data, and drive engaging experiences that lead to customer retention. How can your business do this?

In this e-book, you’ll learn:
• Why existing communication channels fall short of meeting customer needs
• How in-app messaging can reduce friction at every stage of the customer journey
• Why messaging elevates the customer experience across marketing, operations, and support – with before and after comparisons