Ransomware Trends, Impacts, and the Role of Data Storage


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The Pervasive Threat of Ransomware

Unlike other disaster scenarios, ransomware is pervasive and a common occurrence for most organizations. According to research conducted by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group, 79% of organizations have experienced a ransomware attack within the last 12 months, with 47% experiencing attacks on a monthly or more frequent basis. Given the frequency of these attacks, ransomware preparedness has become a top priority for businesses.

This ebook outlines the trends, impacts and the role that data storage plays, as well as the following ransomware recovery insights:
• Overall, the cost of preventing a ransomware attack from being successful is much lower than the combined costs of paying the ransom and all the associated costs of recovery.
• Having a platform that people already know how to use for restores can distribute and speed up your recovery, providing organizational resilience.
• Restoring databases and servers is much faster and easier to do than restoring f iles. Even if you use SSDs in your backup server, restoring a million small files from your server is going to take a long time.
• Backup requires a few specially trained people – who easily become overloaded during an attack. Choose a solution that allows distributed restores of file data throughout the organization because it’s easy and part of the platform.

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