Staying Safe With Box

Security breaches are happening all the time — and the Life Science sector has been hit hard. Deloitte believes that cybercrime in Life Sciences can knock as much as 20% off the valuation of a company. The impact of a data breach in the sector is not to be taken lightly.

And while escalation and compliance violations can get costly, time to market is hugely affected. Your life sciences organization needs frictionless security and compliance that’s built to protect collaboration between your internal researchers, quality assurance teams and your sponsors.

In this eBook: How to Secure Your Content in the Cloud with Box, you’ll find strategic approaches to security, governance, and compliance. Download the eBook to learn how to secure your valuable content. It’s based on our four key must-haves:

• ZERO trust infrastructure: Protect against threats from outside — and within — your organization
• ZERO tolerance for a bad user experience: Don’t choose between security and customer satisfaction
• ONE centralized content layer in the cloud: Provides easier management, security and governance
• EVERYWHERE security that travels with your content: Box security stays with you wherever you go