The Crux of the Modern Customer Experience

Consumers today are pressuring companies to push their technology in new directions as their demands continually evolve and change. Consequently, businesses are racing to expand their technology to ensure their customers can interact seamlessly with brands on their terms.

Organizations who are not meeting these demands risk losing out, big. Today’s customers are abandoning products and services for poor customer experiences that are not personalized, fast, and on the channel of their choice. In fact, customers have stopped using a product of service four times, on average, in the past year due to a bad customer service experience.

Yet, despite knowing this, contact centers as a philosophy and practice haven’t changed much in decades. For the most part, customers are still subjected to legacy-based engagement models, scaled through both old and newer technologies, and measured through formulas that struggle to keep up with evolving customer behaviors, expectations, and preferences.

In this interview, we’ll take a deep dive into the future of contact centers with industry leader Ray Hicken, Vice President Strategic Partnerships – Contact Center at Telarus, to provide a unique perspective and reveal what’s keeping brands from building thriving relationships with today’s modern consumer. This conversation will shine a light on how to break down contact center silos, benefits of connecting with consumers on the channel of their choice, reducing costs of servicing your customers, and demystify the path to contact center 2.0.