The Modern Digital Workspace is Here For You

The next big move toward better employee engagement and more empowerment will come from the IT department.

Research says that there is a way to improve the employee experience. If we remove the clutter, reduce the complexity of the technology employees use, and eliminate distractions we deliver a better employee experience. That enables employees to concentrate on work that brings value to the business.

Fortunately, we don’t have to phase out apps. The solution is to implement one platform to manage all of them. It’s Citrix Workspace.

A Win for employees
• Cloud-based remote access allows anytime/anywhere connectivity.
• Users access all apps and data with single sign-on (SSO) authentication.
• Evolved intelligence features guide and automate tasks.
• The single-dashboard platform delivers a consumer-like user experience.
• Follow Me Sessions allow users to move between devices seamlessly.

A Win for IT
• Citrix Workspace is customizable and expandable.
• Cloud app control provides security policies for SaaS.
• IT gets end-to-end visibility and user behavior analytics.

See why Citrix Workspace is the digital transformation you need right now.