Why a Traditional VPN Solution is Not Apt For Today’s Remote Workforce

Whether your organization was already remote-enabled, or you’ve suddenly had to ramp up quickly, if you are using a VPN, you’ve employed a service that is complex to manage,
low-performing and exposes your organization to network-level security risks.

With a VPN-less solution like Citrix Workspace, you are back in control. You grant users individualized access to applications and files instead of your entire server. You can trust the efficiency and security of BYOD over any network. And users enjoy a remote work environment that is seamless and responsive.

Read this white paper to learn about:
• What makes VPNs susceptible to unauthorized access
• The limitations of VPNs in terms of scalability and latency
• The risks that VPNs pose to employee privacy
• The superior user experience and security protocols provided by Citrix Workspace