Tap into the value of your unstructured data

Unstructured data — contracts, product roadmaps, videos, budgets, invoices, and all the other content you create in the course of business — makes up a whopping 90% of company data. There’s a lot of untapped potential in that content: business-critical information, valuable IP, and innovative ideas. But most organizations are missing a major opportunity at a critical time because they don’t have a strategy to tap into their collective trove of unstructured data.

Imagine what you could learn about your business and how much better you’d understand your customers if you could access information and insights that exist in all your content. More importantly, imagine the risks you’re taking by not doing so.

Join a fireside chat with an IDC industry analyst, plus the CTO and CISO of Box, to learn:
• The biggest takeaways from a brand-new IDC survey on unstructured data, its business value, and why it matters right now
• The challenges of not having an unstructured data strategy around AI, security, and productivity
• Why you need to reimagine your content strategy before GenAI becomes table stakes