The Outbound Engagement Playbook

What type of customer experience does your company deliver from outbound to inbound? Is it consistently positive? Are you in control of the conversation?

When you start looking at selling as a two-way conversation and not separate outbound sales calls and inbound support interactions, elevating every engagement becomes a real possibility.

Most companies manage their inbound customer experience strategy by juggling call volume, agent readiness and engagement, and first-call resolution. However, inbound customer experiences can still be inconsistent, choppy, or time-consuming and the brand and sales suffer.

Outbound communications are an opportunity for businesses to win customers over, beyond a simple sales or collection call. Clue customers in if there has been a change of plans that will impact their schedule. Let them know if their usage patterns are better matched to a different tier of service. All the while, build your sales funnel and keep customers happy long term.

How can you start using outbound to make a two-way customer conversation your greatest advantage, all while leveraging compliance supporting tools? Read this playbook to find out.