What I Wish I knew – Five Small-Business Owners Share Their Success Secrets

Every large business was once a small business, and every small business begins the same way. One or two people have an inspiring idea. That idea becomes a dream. And then passion and hard work transform the dream into reality—and a thriving company. Although each small business has a unique story, all entrepreneurs face many of the same challenges on the road to success.

We invited the five small-business owners featured here to take a clear-eyed look at their own experience, think about what they wish they had known when they were starting out, and then share their success secrets with other entrepreneurs. All five use Office 365 to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and maintain the relationships that help their companies succeed, but these stories are not about Microsoft or its products. On the pages that follow, these five entrepreneurs explain how they built their successful businesses, and offer some hard-won insights that may help you build yours.