A Guide to Assessing the Network Benefits and Requirements of Cloud VoIP


Along with the cost and difficulties of maintenance, an aging PBX may lack the flexibility to handle growth or support a mobile workforce. Many businesses already rely on SaaS products in the cloud for critical business applications like CRM and ERP. Similarly, a cloud phone system provides enterprise-class business communication services without the management and overhead that is required to support on-premise PBX hardware.

This Network Guide explains the challenges, benefits, and unknowns of replacing dated technology. You will learn how a cloud phone system can alleviate the headaches of supporting a legacy phone system while delivering many benefits for your network and IT resources, including how to:

• Eliminate the large upfront expenditures, licensing costs, and ongoing maintenance and management of hardware
• Identify the business benefits of advanced phone and UC features in a single system
• Remove the cost and complexity of managing phone lines to the telco provider and between locations

Finally, this guide provides simple advice for assessing your network’s readiness to deliver VoIP at a business level of quality and service.



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